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“within every person there exists a profound possibility, an untapped source of potential to create meaningful and lasting change in a person’s life.”


Find Peace and Inspiration within yourself.

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Anxiety & More

Whether it is daily stress or paralyzing anxiety, hypnosis is a tool that can reduce the experience of stress in our lives, release fear and allow us to feel connected and safe. 

Grief & Trauma

Whatever type of loss you have suffered, loss of a loved one, loss of your home, a major change in your life, dealing with your feelings can take an an enormous toll on every aspect of yourself. 

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation can take all the benefits of meditation a step further by combining the power of meditation with guided visualization.

Motivation & Performance

Whatever your age or your level, you can improve your performance by using your subconscious mind and mind-body connection.

Pain Management

Hypnosis allows us greater access to our innate abilities to alter our perception of sensations, so that we can feel more comfortable even while living with a chronic issue.


Chronic pain or recurring emotional states may be remnants of past experiences that can be gently transformed through regression hypnosis.

Smoking Cessation

Hypnosis has such a high success rate for smoking cessation because of how it addresses the subconscious mind, If you want to quit smoking you need to address the ingrained habit.

Weight Loss

Hypnosis for weight loss can be very effective.  Hypnosis works directly with the emotional issues, the issues that create a barrier between you and your ideal weight.  Hypnosis works to remove those barriers and then reinforces healthier habits with confidence and control